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We are a Social Media Marketing, Digital Media & Graphic Design Agency based in Glasgow, Scotland. We were founded in 2012 by Adam Wilkie; provoked by his belief in the power of social & digital media in the business world.

No two businesses are the same, so we tailor our services to suit you. We will work with you to achieve all of your marketing goals with a high return on investment, or design the brand you’ve been dreaming about.

Our passion & high performance will ensure you’re business doesn’t fall behind in this fast paced, digital world.

Where the Dream Began

Dreamtheatre was founded by Product Design Engineer, Adam Wilkie. His knowledge of new product introduction and marketing strategies, coupled with a passion for digital media, is what drove him down the path of Social Media Marketing while working as an Engineer.

Early in 2012 Adam began to offer his wealth of social media knowledge to small businesses in the Glasgow area, demonstrating to them the huge returns on investment this form of marketing can provide. He kept a promise made to a friend in University, that the first one to start their business would call it “Dreamtheatre” – the name given to their design studio in The Glasgow School of Art.

Adam never once shut down the design programs, however, producing graphic design work for his client’s social media channels. Then in 2013, he teamed up with a network of freelance graphic designers and web developers to solidify these services, and create who Dreamtheatre are today.

Meet Adam

Adam WilkieI started Dreamtheatre Ltd. with the initial goal of creating a level playing field for all business sizes in the marketing game. Traditional marketing boundaries do not exist in social media, which has generated the opportunity to use innovative marketing techniques to build brand reputation. As my background is in Product Design Engineering this opportunity is an exciting one!

My love of creativity and escaping constrictive boundaries has since encouraged me to evolve this goal. I want to inject this ethos into businesses sticking to “tried and trusted” marketing techniques.

I have worked in Hollywood, in the American film industry, and defence engineering - so I have seen both ends of the spectrum with regards to creative boundaries. It is always important, no matter what industry you are involved with, to continually innovate and never be afraid to try new techniques.

Adam Wilkie
Founder & Managing Director

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