Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is the most effective form of advertising available today. One reason for this is that they are not one off engagements, like traditional billboards are. You can target people that are most likely to engage with your business and then attract them into your business community, where future communication is free!

Take advantage of our Facebook targeting experience and find out for yourself the level of return you can achieve; long and short term.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is now the most effective and cost efficient form of advertising a business or project. The majority of consumers say they are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook, and as Facebook is an online media the viral effect can spread internationally.

The ability to target consumers very precisely can create a high return on investment, as a higher percentage of the targeted audience will be likely to interact with the campaign. The added benefit, once this audience has been attracted, is that they are then connected to the business or project’s Facebook page, meaning future communication is free!

Our Service

We create, manage and provide analysis of advertising campaigns. Each campaign is designed around your requirements and budget, and will be reported on throughout the campaign period.

Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads allow you to promote a page, app or event; they allow you to reach people who haven’t already ‘Liked’ your page and encourage them to do so. Once someone has liked your page they are connected to you, and that’s when the real marketing begins. Studies have shown that people who like your page spend an average of 2 times more as a customer than people who aren’t connected to you on Facebook.

The art of Facebook Advertising is targeting the right audience. Once this audience has been recognised, we can ensure your Ad will be displayed to these people using Facebook’s targeting function.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories are a type of ad that displays people's interactions with a Page, app or event to their friends. When someone likes your page or a post on your page all of their friends will know about it. This can be interpreted as their endorsement of your brand or service.

Promoted Posts

Awesome content should be seen and enjoyed by all. So by using Promoted Posts, your chosen content will be pushed to the forefront of your audience’s News Feed, and therefore seen by a larger selection than would normally get to see it. The kicker is as soon as someone comments or interacts with your post, it will be distributed to a bunch of their friends too!

Facebook Offers

Facebook offers are a fantastic way to reward your loyal fans, or encourage this loyalty. When you create an offer, it can only be claimed by those who like your page. However, you can set up your campaign so that when one of your fans engages with the offer; their friends can snap it up too. Giving starts the receiving process.

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