Social Media Health Check

Has your social media marketing performance stalled?

Have you run out of ideas?

Let us re-vitalise your social media performance! We will review your current position and offer advice and guidance on how you can improve your techniques and engagement.

Social Media Performance Report

Our Social Media Health Check is designed to re-vitalise your social media performance if it seems to have stalled.

As the old saying goes ‘nothing is perfect’. However, we aim to get you as close to perfect as possible. At Dreamtheatre we believe you should never stay static; this is a losing mentality. You must constantly strive for improvement, and with our advice we will help you improve.

Included in your report will be:

  • An assessment of your design and consistency across platforms.
  • An assessment of social media techniques you have and are using.
  • Points to improve and advice notes.

Price: £25.00

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