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The social media marketing services we offer will enable businesses of any size to generate brand exposure, interact with customers on a more personal level and gain a better return on investment than any other form of marketing.

We work closely with clients to ensure the exposure of their business highlights the values the business holds. So save time and let us do the legwork!

Our Service

Social media marketing has become essential for all businesses wishing to stay fresh and up-to-date with the new, most effective and affordable form of marketing. Using a full spectrum of social media techniques and tools, we will create and manage a strategy that works for your business.

As no two businesses have the same requirements, we don’t offer set packages. Instead we will custom build the monthly package that is right for your budget and business requirements.

The 8 key areas of our service are:


We will help you to understand the affect social media is having, or can have, on your business. By taking you through the tools and techniques that can be used for your campaign, and with our guidance, we will agree on a strategy best suited to your business.

We like to remain flexible and, most importantly, approachable. So email or call any time and we’ll be there to answer your question or get back to you.

Market Research

It’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of your brand’s market. We do this through effective competitor analysis, tracking online conversations and listening to customers. Listening to your audience is the first step to taking effective action.

The outcome of the research we carry out directly affects the creation of each strategy.


Every project should be planned, as effective planning leads to effective implementation.

So you don’t get lost along the way, we create strategies that act as a road map for your social media campaign. The goals and targets we set provide measurable metrics that will be reported on throughout, and at the end of every campaign period. The outcome of each measurable metric drives the adaption of the following strategy.

Brand Management

We manage any changes to your brand in order to maintain consistency throughout time and across all media. Changes must be managed carefully to uphold the image you wish to portray to your audience.


We believe that the most important task in social media marketing is creating an online community. The people in this community will act as brand ambassadors, and once you have these ambassadors you begin reaping the rewards of ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

The journey to this stage starts with quality content creation. The content we create is designed to invoke conversations and other engaging actions, such as: likes, re-tweets and shares.

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