If you have the time or the will to actively manage your social media platforms, but would like to get the best out of them, then we offer a consultancy service that is designed around your requirements and schedule.

You will deal directly with Dreamtheatre’s founder Adam Wilkie, who will be on hand to guide you through email, phone calls, Skype or face to face meetings.


If you have the time to carry out your own content creation, but would like to see far better results, then Adam is here to guide you.

Adam will design a social media strategy, which he’ll lead you through day by day or week by week; whatever period of communication is agreed by both parties.

In order to track success he will constantly measure your social media performance against chosen metrics. This is vital when adjusting a strategy.

With Adam's experience and knowledge of social media marketing he will ensure you spend your time and money effectively and efficiently. The strategic implementation of your social media marketing will guarantee a higher return on investment.

If you would like to enquire about the e-consultant service get in touch.

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